FREE swim lessons!

Hosting your pool is a great way to earn free swim lessons!  
A pool host receives 4 free lessons/month for up to 2 students. 
That's a $240 value!  
We've got you covered!
In addition to being added to Swimming with Brianna's million dollar insurance policy, all students sign a Release of Liability which releases you, your property & anyone affiliated with you.  Clients will always be personally chaperoned by Brianna into and out of your pool space and will use their own restroom before coming to the lesson.  Swimming with Brianna has established a code of conduct for all clients taking lessons at a pool host location that can be customized for you.  
We are so appreciative to our pool hosts as they provide a consistent site for our lesson opperations.  We cherish our relationships with them and strive to create a positive experience for both students and hosts!
Have a pool?
Take advantage of this great opportunity! 
Contact Swimming with Brianna at: [email protected]